Family Dentistry Collingswood, NJ

Family dentistry is an essential part of maintaining overall oral health for every member of your family. Dr. Charles Wahl in Collingswood, NJ, focuses on providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages. We offer dental services to patients of all ages, from young children to elderly adults. It aims to address the unique dental needs of every family member under the same roof. This ensures consistent and continuous care through every stage of life.  

Family dentistry plays a critical role in maintaining oral health. By having a dedicated family dentist, families can receive regular check-ups and preventive treatments. These visits help catch potential issues early and provide education on maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home.  

We are conveniently located in Collingswood, NJ. This makes dental care accessible to families from surrounding cities such as Camden, Haddonfield, Cherry Hill, Pennsauken, and Merchantville. 

Family Dentistry in Collingswood, NJ

Family Dentistry in Collingswood, NJ

General Dentistry

Collingswood Smiles offers a variety of general dentistry services, including routine check-ups and cleanings. These are essential for preventing cavities and gum disease. X-rays are also taken to identify any hidden issues that might not be visible during a regular exam.   

Pediatric Dentistry

Caring for children’s teeth is crucial for their overall health. Dr. Wahl and his team provide preventative care to help children develop good dental habits early. They create a child-friendly environment to make visits enjoyable and stress-free for young patients.  


Orthodontic services are available for both children and adults. Dr. Wahl provides traditional Invisalign treatment to improve your smile. This option helps correct misaligned teeth, improving both function and appearance.   

The Team at Dr. Charles Wahl’s Practice

Our Dentist: Dr. Charles Wahl has extensive training and experience in family dentistry. He is committed to providing the highest quality of care to his patients in Collingswood and the surrounding areas, including Camden, Haddonfield, Cherry Hill, Pennsauken, and Merchantville.  

Dental Hygienists:  Our dental hygienists are skilled professionals who focus on preventive care. They perform cleanings and educate patients on proper oral hygiene techniques. Their goal is to help patients maintain healthy teeth and gums.  

Support Staff: The support staff at Collingswood Smiles ensures that every patient has a positive experience. They handle scheduling, billing, and provide information about the different services offered. Their dedication helps create a welcoming and efficient environment for all patients.  

Advanced Technology and Techniques

Top-of-the-line technology can drastically improve your oral health and dental experiences. 

Digital X-Rays

Our staff use digital X-rays, which are more efficient and expose patients to less radiation compared to traditional X-rays. This technology allows for quicker and more accurate diagnoses.  

Same-Day Crowns

 For patients needing crowns, Dr. Wahl offers same-day crown services. This means that patients can have their crowns designed, created, and placed all in one visit, saving time and reducing the number of appointments needed.  

Patient Comfort and Care

We strive to create a relaxing environment for our patients. From the moment you walk in, you will notice our welcoming atmosphere. Our team is trained to help patients feel at ease, especially those who may feel anxious about dental visits.  

Each patient is unique, and so are their dental needs. Dr. Wahl takes the time to understand your specific situation. We develop personalized treatment plans that cater to your individual needs.